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My photo will be printed in album and exhibited in Moscow in Vinzavod gallery…
Hey,dears, are you in?
Now I'm getting used to share some photos from my iphone (by the way they reflect my everyday life and my view on surrounding things) there

who are interested - its really easy to find me there
In September I'm moving to study in Kiel, Germany.
That's why I will be glad to find in Germany or somewhere close to it girls and boys who want to act as models for my photos.

If you are interested in - write me a note please! ))
Yesterday I bacame older.
20 is really scary age ))
But I will be 15 forever )

Happy B-day for me
Oh...I missed the number of views 100.000
Now it is 100.074)ahaha xD

and I want to say thnx to EVERYBODY! your ALL comments and favs are really important for me as the estimate of my art and my ability of making ideas and fantasies come true in photos.

<3 u all.really)
your Bunnis.
My skype: best_of_bunnis


My vkontakte page:
I'm a little bit shocked...about this plagiat for my work…
It was too difficult to write another words or what?
Nasty to find such works.
If you're taking the same idea and make photo in the same way as mine why not to put even little but a thing which was made by yourself?...

Sometimes I just don't understand such people..
New ID.New spring.New life.New love.New Bunnis.

I want to say big thnx to everybody for watching my works, for comments and for favs.
It's great pleasure that you like what I'm doing.

Love you all, my dears.

Haaaapppy B-day to meeee!
Oh!I love you,my dears!
Your Bunnis! ))))
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Oh! It is the best present I've ever got! Ny grandfather bought me today Nikon D700 for my B-day (which is on the 4th of February)
My hapiness is endless!!!!
Thnx a lot to boys who were not afraid to photo in such a cold weather.
Thnx a lot to Kris-without her we wouldn't do it.
It was a great photosession!
However we spend hole day to make it!
Hope you'll like it!

Wait for all photos,my dears!

Spring.I feel it everywhere.
I have been waiting for it for long time.
Few weeks ago here was really cold and the weather was nasty.
Now I feel warmness outside and also inside my heart.
Is it true love? ))
And only these boring exams in the university are stopping me from doing photos of my friends every day ))…

Dear,you are subscribed on my gallery.
I'm subscribed on yours.

And you do such a thing.
Don't you find the pure plagiarism in this?
Don't you find that your work has too much similar with mine?
Don't you?

That's really sad.
Tomorrow in the evening I will be in India )) Yeh.. Sounds cool!
There I'm staying for 10 days.
Hope to make some good interesting photos. So than I can share them with you )))

Will miss everybody.

With <3,
Sooo,my dears ))
Presenting u new photos again about this feeling.I'm speaking about love.
I have 2 wonderful models who love each other...And that's wonderful.
First photo has been already submitted.
Soon will be some more.

Oh..It was a real pleasury to make these photos..
And also the weather was perfect )))

I've missed my camera^^


With <3,
your Bunnis.
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